Hervey Bay's sheltered location makes Whale Watching a Walk in the Park

Whale watching is not unique to Hervey Bay. A Google search reveals you can go whale watching just about in any part of the World.

So why would you choose whale watching from Hervey Bay. This is a unique part of the World, in that the Humpback Whale cows come through to the Bay side of Fraser Island with their calves after giving birth to their young in the Southern Ocean.

Why is this good for watching?

Well you not only get to see the young playful calves and their Mothers protecting and teaching them a few survival tricks, but you also get to see them in the relative warmth of the sub-tropics.

Hervey Bay, Whale Watching, Queensland

You get to do this on mostly calm seas. After all the Hervey Bay bite is more like a Lake than part of the Pacific Ocean. So even the sea sickness prone can enjoy a more comfortable, well catered ship or sail boat charter trip in the calm protected waters of Hervey Bay.

Imagine an Eco honey moon after your wedding. Being close to Fraser Island means you can stay at the Eco Resort at Kingfisher Bay and enjoy the best whale watching action in the world.

Generally, the whale watching season at Hervey Bay begins in August. The season kicks off with a major annual whale watching festival that includes a float procession, fire works and a blessing of the fleet at the Boat Harbour.

For more details about the Hervey Bay Whale Watching Fleet go here:

Whale Watch Fleet and Hervey Bay Whale Festival

Hervey Bay, Whale Watching, Queensland

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