The Urangan Pier, A Hervey Bay Icon Linking to the Regions Economic Past

The Urangan Pier was built in 1917 to facilitate the export of sugar and later coal. These days the pier is a tourist attraction and young fisher persons mecca. In 2007 the Hervey Bay City Council (Now the Fraser Coast Regional Council) set aside a further $1.65 million for further Urangan Pier restoration works.

The Pier is an impressive structure with it's locally sourced turpintine wood piles that support over a mile of decking. You'll encounter walkers, joggers, lovers, tourists, fisher (men and women) all using this wonderful facility, a memory and icon of yesteryear when the local economy relied on the export of sugar and coal.

Urangan Pier from near Peppers Resort

My son marvelled at the skill of the local Pelicans who love to sit atop the many tall piles that support the pier lights. They perch above the people like gatekeepers and if you throw them a spare fish they'll even catch it for their dinner - but as my son discovered only if you're accurate with your throw, otherwise they will ignore your offering. Get it close though and they'll treat you to their catching skill.

Pelican at Hervey Bay

What a great place to have a wedding photo or two! Then wonder across the road to your accommodation; Peppers 5 star Resort.

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