Real Estate in Hervey Bay

Real Estate in Hervey Bay, like many other coastal Queensland cities located next to the Pacific Ocean, has had something of a boom; both in development of available blocks and in appreciating prices.

This was fuelled, until recently, by the twin forces of sea-change to sunny South East Queensland and investors looking to ride the property boom.

Hervey Bay benefited more than most for a number of “perfect storm” Real Estate factors that include:

1) It was an established holiday/tourist location,

2) The climate and geography make it a desirable location for retirees,

3) Families found that it was a relatively cheap place to live that offered a great environment to raise children,

4) The development occurring in the larger centres with a similar environment made it prohibitive for first home buyers to buy their own home,

5) The development resulting from 1) and 2) led to major improvements in facilities and infrastructure; and

These factors created a tail wind of opportunity that engulfed and lifted Hervey Bay into the top 30 Australian cities by urban population. This is quite a monumental rise in popularity and prosperity.

Investment in Hervey Bay has continued unabated for several years now and locals have benefited from major capital gains in the value of their properties. Basically the blocks closest to the Ocean have appreciated into the million dollars plus category. This land has been sought after by State and National Resort and Apartment developers.

Internationally Franchised Home Builders like G.J. Gardener have been active in developing new residential subdivisions in and around Hervey Bay. Eli Waters is one of the most recent new home suburbs, but plenty of land is still available in the well established suburbs.

A number of well placed subdivisions are selling throughout the greater Hervey Bay area and include: Summit Ridge Estate; The Domain; Augustus and many more.

Currently new and established home and apartment sales have slowed (March 2011). This means a home in Hervey Bay is even more accessible.

This is therefore an opportunity for those who have cash and are looking to move to a great location like Hervey Bay. Hervey Bay Real Estate Enquiry

Hervey Bay Holiday Home

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