Hervey Bay Cycleway by the Sea

Hervey Bay Cycleway

The Hervey Bay cycleway runs the full length of the Esplanade from the Urangan Pier to Point Vernon. It winds in and out of the numerous trees and picnic areas, creating an excellent route for morning or evening bike rides, power walks or relaxed strolls.

You can create an exercise regime tailored to your age and fitness level centring on the cycleway,as the council has had the foresight to provide various all weather gym equipment spaced along the track. There are numerous pieces of equipment; a rowing machine, sit-up bench, fly workout and stepper to name but a few. To top off your workout, when you’re finished you can buy a coffee from one of the numerous cafes along the way and warm down by the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Hervey Bay Fitness Equipment

On any day, along the Hervey Bay cycleway you will find groups of people taking part in organised fitness groups.

These include:

Walking, Tai Chi, or general aerobic workouts, all next to scenery equal to any in Australia. In addition there are hire cycles, Quad pedal cycles (Great for a laugh with your friends) and scooters for hire.

AquaVue, a cafe in Torquay, located next to the Fore-dune Tennis court and adjacent to the beach, offers numerous water based hire equipment for the active.

Hervey Bay Cafe - The AquaVue

Don’t just stop with a ride along the Esplanade cycleway though; Visitors are often unaware that if you turn South up Elizabeth St from the eastern end of the Charlton Esplanade (next to the life sized shark and Shark Show) and cycle for approx 500m to the southern side of the Botanical Gardens, you will find an equally inviting segment of the Hervey Bay cycleway that can be turned into a 8+ km (approx)circuit if included with the Charlton Esplanade route.

I believe this segment of the Hervey Bay cycle way follows the route of the old Maryborough railway that terminated at the pier.

This is a great track, and I have fond memories of cycling along here on the numerous, beautiful hot blue sky days, catching the cooling breeze with my 11 year old son; as our only transport in the first three months of being in Hervey Bay were bicycles or the local bus service. Actually here in Hervey Bay due to the flat geography and climate who needs a car! Perhaps we can all claim a few carbon credits for the days we leave the car in the Garage!

Hervey Bay Cycleway Urangan

The Hervey Bay cycleway winds along behind/beside the

Urangan Central Shopping Centre (Woolworths Supermarket, Australia Post) parallel to Boat Harbour Drive. (The eastern end of the main route into Hervey Bay from Eli Waters), then continues between houses and along streets and green belts all the way to Hunter St which is pretty much the beginning of the CBD. The track at this point terminates beside the recently completed BigW super store , Pialba Place Shopping Centre and the Pialba Woolworths. Of course you can continue the ride to Main St and the University of Southern Queensland, Fraser Coast Campus and then across Boatharbour drive along past ALDI supermarket and on to the Hervey Bay TAFE Collage.

Hervey Bay Shopping Urangan

At night this segment of the Hervey Bay cycleway is lit up with regularly spaced, colonial style street lamps, these improve safety if you should get caught at dusk as there is no twilight in these parts - it's light and next thing you know it's pitch black.

The council have provided numerous tree plantings along the cycle way and over the years this will become an ever improving asset. As well there are drinking fountains dotted regularly along the track so thirst and dehydration are not an issue. Recently shelters have been placed at regular intervals along the more open stretches.

Wouldn’t it be great if the cycleway was extended along the old railway track route from Hervey Bay to the Heritage city of Maryborough! I know this has been done in other countries and these have become major tourist attractions involving organised camping holidays.

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