GoKarts and Water Slide

The GoKarts track is long (0.65km’s) and wide so there is plenty of room to make mistakes and still survive the thrill. It even has a downhill run so that you can really get things honking along. As usual, there are the slow and fast cars, but all will give you plenty fun.

Hervey Bay GoKart Track

The GoKarts and Hydro-Slide can be found here:

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Off road parking is available and the ticketing office is an easy two hundred metre stroll from the car park, this office is stocked with snacks and drinks.

Before you race you will have to sign a disclaimer form, thereby accepting full responsibility for your own health should you have an accident while on the premises.

There is a sheltered area for spectators to sit and also a large viewing platform above and over the track. This is great for getting action shots of your family and mates in full flight.

GoKart from Overbridge

There are single seater GoKarts as well as tandem karts so those that don’t reach the minimum height restriction can still get to experience the thrill of racing karts, with the help of a person who meets the specs!

One day we were lucky enough to have a race after a short but heavy shower of rain. This was even better than racing on a dry track. The slick wet track meant that because traction was low excitement was high as the karts were easily encouraged to drift and spin! Do remember though that purposely crashing into other competitors is dangerous and will lead to you being disqualified.

Beware though, on public holidays the wait in the cue before a ride can be long. We like to avoid long weekend holidays as this is when cues are longest.

A 120m Hydro-slide is part of this complex too, so if cueing for the GoKarts is not your scene or you’ve already had a hard and hot race, then try out the side by side water slides to cool off. The slide uses the natural slope of the site to provide momentum. This means you don’t have to repeatedly climb heaps of stairs. Sure you have to run back up hill but it sure beats stairs.

The slide is closed during winter.

Hervey Bay GoKarts Wide Track

Great fun for the whole family, although like most similar attractions that rely on the peak holiday season, expect to pay a premium.

Group bookings and private functions are catered for although for these events a booking is essential.