Fraser Island, World Heritage Area

Fraser Island world heritage area is what makes Hervey Bay such a great place to stay; and live, come to that.

The Island runs from Rainbow Beach in the south to Bundaberg in the north, that is from Hook Point to Sandy Point, creating the Great Sandy Strait and Great Sandy Marine Park; a boaties paradise made up of numerous creeks and bays.

Fraser Island faces the great Pacific ocean and protects Hervey Bay from the Easterly and Southerly weather. This single geographic characteristic is what gives a Hervey Bay Holiday its broad appeal.

Hervey Bay at Torquay Pier and Yacht

It offers families safe shore based water activities and a wide and diverse skill level range of water sport activities on the Bay side of Fraser Island; while offering open water activities requiring a greater degree of experience or guidance, via local charter operators, on the eastern shores of Fraser Island.