Hervey Bay was made for fishing, you are free to fish anywhere along the water’s edge or to take your boat out in the Bay.

Hervey Bay Fishing at the Beach

Another great fishing excursion option, is to take a charter fishing trip, there are numerous charter operations willing to take you out into the Bay for half or full day excursions and longer. The waters of the Bay are generally quite smooth and very safe as long as standard procedures and regulations are followed.

Fish species found around the Hervey Bay Fraser coast region include:

Barramundi, Bass, Billfish, Bream, Cod, Dart, Dolphinfish, Emperor, Flathead, Hussar, Jewfish, Jobfish, Kingfish, Luderick, Mackerel, Mangrove Jack, Mulloway, Nannygai, Parrot Fish, Perch, Queenfish, Salmon, Slatey, Snapper, Tailor, Tarwhine, Teraglin, Golden Trevally, Trout (Coral), Tusk Fish, Wahoo and Whiting (yellowfin).

Of course the Bay has a number of Fishing Regulations that must be adhered to. These regulations are in place to protect both the commercial and recreational fishery so that current and future fisherman and women can enjoy the thrill of catching a fish.

The best way to familiarise yourself with these regulations and ensure your fishing excursion is a legal one is to purchase this book:

The Great Outdoors Tide Guide; published by The Great Outdoors Publications Pty Ltd. The book is published annually. This booklet runs to 100 pages and not only includes tide times but also public holidays, sunrise/sunset times, beach driving tips, knots and other useful tips for the fisherman.

Most importantly it includes a colour section that shows the local fish listed above with their legal size in centimetres and the limit bag. This is a must have and is available in most local stores, the last edition cost $4.95 (incl. GST).