Driving Habits of Most Concern to Queenslanders

The RACQ recently released the findings of a survey of it's Queensland members so if you are a visitor to Queensland and driving it's many roads then forwarned is forearmed.

The survey found among other things Tailgating is driving RACQ members crazy. It's press release states that "If the sight of another car right behind your rear bumper bar makes you feel unnerved or irritated, you’re not alone."

Whether your driving to Hervey Bay for a Holiday, Whale watching or visiting the famous Fraser Island then heed the following and remember in Australia we drive on the right!

The survey was designed to identify the driving habits of most concern to its 1.2 million members across Queensland.

Motorists “tailgating” – headed the list of frustrations experienced by members, whose top 10 complaints were:

1. Tailgating

2. Drivers who speed up when being overtaken

3. Littering

4. Hand held mobile phone use (topped the poll when it was last conducted in 2009)

5. Incorrect use of indicators

6. Aggressive behaviour

7. Lack of courtesy

8. Failure to move over to allow others to overtake

9. Blocking of intersections

10. Turning from the wrong lane.

We agree with the RACQ's comment that "Every motorist has a responsibility to drive safely and legally and respect others on the road. Taking care and paying attention at all times while driving could save your life.”

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