Dining Hervey Bay - In or Out

Dining Hervey Bay - In or Out? At home or on holiday, there’s one thing that doesn’t change; we’ve all got to eat and eat regularly, particularly if you have children.

However, something changes on holiday – our food budget goes through the roof, as spending on meals gets out of control. This often happens because holiday destinations charge inflated prices for groceries – after all the peak season is profit season; or you end up eating out every night.

Although Hervey Bay is a great holiday destination, it also has a well developed permanent population that is large enough to ensure competitive grocery prices even during the peak holiday period. So there’s no excuse for a budget blow out when you have so many choices with regard dining in or out during your Hervey Bay Holiday.

This gives you real holiday meal options, from cheap home cooked meals made from fresh local produce on those days when the schedule allows; to dining out at a 5 Star Restaurant. In fact any holiday budget can be accommodated here in Hervey Bay. (Follow links for directions)

Dining Hervey Bay - Dining In:

Hervey Bay is serviced by all of the large Supermarket Chains including IGA Super, Woolworths, Coles, and ALDI. According to regular price surveys ALDI in South Main St, Pialba has the cheapest prices for a representative selection of groceries, however you will have to supply your own bags and pack your own goods. Woolworths, IGA Super and Coles are full service grocers.

Hervey Bay is also serviced by a number of medium sized grocers catering for those “need now” items. These include Foodworks, Spar and IGA. These stores are particularly prevalent around the tourist areas. Spar on the Esplanade at Torquay also doubles as a Newsagent. A Newsagent in Australia supplies Magazines, Newspapers and Stationary supplies.

These smaller grocers are more expensive, so if you don’t have your own car, whether owned or hired, then it’s worth catching a taxi to one of the large supermarkets if you have a big initial food shop to do. Then you can spend your savings on more tangible entertainment.

Remember if you are buying frozens and foods that need to be chilled you’ll need access to a fridge/freezer; something to consider when planning your accommodation.

Dining Hervey Bay - Dining Out:

The choice with regard eating out is as diverse as most modern cities. Hervey Bay has the obligatory multinational fast food outlets. These include McDonalds, Hungary Jacks (Burger King elsewhere in the World), KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominoes Pizza and Eagle Boys Pizza.

Hervey Bay also has the familiar and authentically aussi franchised fast food outlets including Red Rooster and Golden Chicken. A local Pizza shop that has a great reputation for authentic Italian taste is Mimo's Pizza located at the Urangan Central shopping mall. A local Movie rental store, Video 2000 is located just next door so you can pick up a pizza and pick up a movie while you wait.

If you looking for a reasonably priced relaxed dine out meal then a number of options are available. Hervey Bay is well serviced by licensed clubs including:

The Hervey Bay Boat Club at the Boat Harbour, the

RSL Club at the Pialba Place shopping complex, Main St. North, the

United Football Club; and the

Hervey Bay Golf and Country Club.

Then of course there are plenty of Bars and Restaurants to choose from.

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