The Charlton Esplanade, Gateway to Hervey Bay's Beach

The Charlton Esplanade is what springs to mind when people ask what our first enduring memory of Hervey Bay is. The Esplanade runs parallel to the beach and has numerous access points to the sand beyond the green belt.

Hervey Bay Charlton Esplanade From Torquay

The Fraser Coast Regional Council is very active beautifying and adding additional recreational value to the expansive and manicured area between the fore dune and the Charlton Esplanade. In addition to the manicured road edge there is a further green area buffer between the road and the beach comprised of native regrowth and mature trees.

This is actively protected; and although many residence would prefer this buffer to be removed thereby creating unencumbered views of the magnificent sea vista, the retention of this bush differentiates Hervey Bay from other developing Queensland beach resorts. As well, the bush acts as protection to the fore dune area, assisting to prevent erosion in King tides.

Recent feedback from residence suggests there exists a desire to retain the larger trees and native shrubs, while clearing the scrubby ground cover that that impedes eye level vistas of the sea directly from the "Nard".

Hervey Bay Foreshore

One of the features along the Esplanade is the provision of numerous picnic shelters and toilets strategically dotted along the length of the beach. Most of these shelters have a free electric BBQ or two. These BBQ's are available 24/7 - so if you're feeling hungry after a swim, just pop across the road to one of the many fish & chip shops for a scoop of chips, add a sausage or two from the local butcher and the jobs done.

Hervey Bay BBQ Shelter

This is a great place to have your wedding photos or exchange Vows! The almost faultless weather means you can confidently plan for a an outdoor service by the beautiful pacific ocean. However always have a plan B, just in case! (We could have another summer wet like 2010/2011)

There are a number of Back Packers and Camping Grounds/Caravan Parks to choose from along both the town side and the beach side of the Charlton Esplanade so you can camp pretty much next to the water for a very reasonable cost.

Hervey Bay Torquay Caravan Park

Follow this link for more information regarding accommodation; yes go to this page.

Hervey Bay Koala Backpackers

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